RX 4 Life: Proving a Holistic Approach to Empowerment, Wellness, and Growth

My name is Tatiana Miller, and I started RX 4 Life over a decade ago. Drawing from my experiences with Western healthcare, and my experience in psychology and holistic practices, my services aim to support individuals, especially those with high-stress jobs, those dealing with burnout and anxiety, and those living with chronic illnesses. My mission is to offer the real prescription for life – not just pills or quick fixes, but proactive steps to foster enduring mental health.

When I started this journey, I had one goal: empowering people. With RX 4 Life, my goal is to empower you on your journey to better mental health and overall wellness. Together, we can ensure you don’t just survive, but thrive.

My Services

I offer a wide range of customized services and engage in youth outreach programs, promoting mindfulness and emotional intelligence for humans of all ages. For all of my services, I extend discounts to teachers, first responders, veterans, and those serving in the armed forces.

Some of my services include:

  • Holistic Mental Health Coaching and Mentoring: Life can sometimes deal hard blows. Burnout, stress, and anxiety can make you feel like you’re constantly fighting just to get through the day. I provide holistic, discreet, and nonjudgmental mental health assistance, custom-designed to respect and address your unique challenges.
  • Corporate Consulting: I offer corporate consulting services that promote a healthier, more balanced work environment. I aid in conflict resolution, provide leadership coaching, and provide valuable tools and resources to prevent burnout.
  • Public Speaking: I am available for keynote speeches, conference presentations, online training sessions, and any form of public speaking, both in-person and virtual. This includes my outreach work, such as mindfulness sessions for schools and community organizations.

Similarly, I have a variety of related endeavors, such as: