About RX 4 Life

I am Tatiana Miller, the founder of RX 4 Life. After being told by four American doctors that I would never walk again following a paralyzing accident at the age of 33, I found myself seeking help where I had grown up: Mexico City, Mexico. There, a brilliant doctor reignited my hope and restored my mobility.

Following my recovery, I founded RX 4 Life, drawing upon my background in Western healthcare and holistic medicine to bridge the gap between these two worlds. I believe the real prescription for life goes beyond mere pills; it involves proactivity, emotional intelligence, and a focus on internal harmony.

My Philosophy

In my work, I use evidence-based practices of neurology, mind-body medicine, psychology, and kinesiology to redesign your lifestyle to feel in control, healthy, and vibrant. At the core of my approach is the belief in addressing the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. I foster a compassionate, confidential, and understanding environment, working alongside individuals to help them meet themselves where they are.

Integral to my approach is the 8 Dimensions of Well-Being; well-being is multifaceted, and these dimensions form the foundation of my coaching. Whether navigating a workplace conflict, striving for financial stability, seeking intellectual stimulation, or tending to your emotional health, these aspects are interconnected, and all play a vital role in achieving holistic well-being.

About My Services

With RX 4 Life, I offer a range of holistic services, each personalized to the individual’s needs:

  • Coaching and Mentoring: Applying psychological insights to address mental health concerns such as anxiety, stress, and burnout to foster personal growth and wellness through ongoing research-based guidance.
  • Team and Corporate Consulting: Helping businesses and organizations cultivate a more mindful and healthier workplace environment by providing conflict resolution, leadership coaching, and developing resources to avoid burnout in the workplace.
  • Burnout Alleviation: Assisting individuals in alleviating and avoiding burnout through sustainable practices.
  • Holistic Chronic Pain Management: Guiding clients through pain management strategies that many Western practitioners overlook.
  • Stress Management and Emotional Regulation: Empowering individuals to handle stress effectively and manage their emotions healthily.
  • Public Speaking: Delivering engaging and educational talks ranging from various trainings to presentations on wellness.
  • Holistic Chronic Illness Support: Providing compassionate support for those with chronic illnesses (an area often disregarded by traditional medical models).

My Other Endeavors

Beyond the above services, I have several other projects designed to promote holistic wellness and personal growth:

  • Thrive: This highly customized 12-week program combines the principles of neurology, mind-body medicine, psychology, and kinesiology to transform you from surviving to thriving. Participants can achieve a balanced, healthier lifestyle, as well as help participants:
    • Understand who they are
    • Break out of survival mode
    • Set boundaries and respect their time and energy
    • Combat burnout and feelings of dissatisfaction
    • Self-regulation
  • “You Can’t Pop My Bubble”: I authored this children’s book to aid children in recognizing and understanding their emotions, thus empowering them at an early age to manage and express their feelings constructively.
  • Children’s YogaI developed a yoga class specifically for children with chronic pain. Through these classes at the hospital, the children get relief from their pain and learn to connect with and comprehend their emotions better.
  • “How To Be A Human”: My weekly podcast where we discuss everything from behaviors to boundary setting.

If you have any questions about my services, please visit my contact page, where you can reach out to me using your preferred method.

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